Power Limited Apprenticeship Information & Registration


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Per NDCC 43-09-13.1, an apprentice electrician shall register with the state electrical board within the first six months of employment.


24.1-03-01-08. Power limited apprentice electrician.

A power limited apprentice electrician shall meet the following requirements to be eligible for examination:

1. A power limited apprentice must be registered with the board under the same classification as the power limited electrician under whom the apprentice will be working and have completed six thousand hours of work experience under the direct supervision of a power limited electrician; or

2. A power limited apprentice must possess a valid board recognized tradesman certification. An applicant who has prior experience outside of the state of North Dakota may take a placement examination to verify the practical experience obtained in order to apply credit toward the verification of hours. If the applicant fails the placement examination, the applicant is ineligible to retake the examination. An appeal may be submitted in writing to the board within thirty days.

A power limited apprentice electrician who has not complied as stated in subsection 1 or 2 is not eligible to take the power limited electrician license examination. If the individual receives a license from another state based on the verification that the majority of practical experience 4 was obtained in the state of North Dakota, the individual is not eligible for examination for licensure or a reciprocal license.


Any person over sixteen years of age may work as an apprentice under a licensed master, class B, or power limited electrician, but the master, class B, or power limited electrician may not allow an apprentice to work on any installation without direct constant supervision by a North Dakota licensed electrician working with the apprentice at the worksite.


Licensed electricians may supervise not more than three apprentices.