Related Training Providers & Instructors


If you are a provider of a related training electrical apprenticeship program, your program needs to be approved by the North Dakota State Electrical Board (Board).  Your program may be recognized by the federal bureau of apprenticeship and training or some other entity, however, to comply with North Dakota Century Code §43-09-11, we are requiring that you submit your apprenticeship program to the Board for review and approval. 


As referenced in North Dakota Century Code §43-09-11(2)(b)(1) and as one of the training options for licensure as a journeyman electrician, an applicant who registered with the Board as an apprentice after January 31, 2008 must have successfully completed apprenticeship training approved by the Board.  In conjunction with this law, per North Dakota Laws, Rules & Wiring Standards §24.1-04-01-04, an Education Advisory Committee was established by the Board and the Committee has developed minimum requirements in the area of study for the electrical education of individuals registered and licensed by the Board.  Minimum standards are detailed under General Information tab as well as in the Application.


The following are downloadable/fillable forms to submit for review and approval: