Electrician's License Renewal & Requirements:


  • Master, Class B & Power Limited licenses expire each year on April 30.
  • Journeyman licenses expire each year on March 31.


  • Master & Power Limited annual renewal fee is $50.00.
  • Class B annual renewal fee is $40.00.
  • Journeyman annual renewal fee is $25.00.


  • Expired licenses shall require a reinstatement fee equal to the annual fee.



  • License renewals will start on January 1st of each year.

Before proceeding to the next page to renew your license, please have the following available:

→        Your North Dakota State Electrical Board license number;
→        The last four digits of your Social Security number;
→        A valid credit card (Master/Visa/Discover/American Express).

In order to renew your license, you must also have:

  • Eight (8) hours of continuing education (4 of which must be code) on file with the North Dakota State Electrical Board.  


By accepting below, I

  • certify that I am authorized to renew my license with the North Dakota State Electrical Board;
  • certify that all information I provide is correct including address and telephone number;
  • understand that if I am doing electrical work in North Dakota, I must be working under a contracting North Dakota Master electrician; and
  • understand that according to the Laws & Rules of the State Electrical Board every person, partnership, company, corporation, limited liability company, or association that undertakes or offers to undertake with another to plan, lay out, supervise, install, make additions, make alterations, or make repairs, in the installation of wiring, apparatus, or equipment for electric light, heat, or power, shall apply to the board for a license.

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