Certificates (E-Certs)


The master, class B, or power limited electrician supervising such installation shall submit an electrical wiring certificate (e-Cert) and distribute as follows:

a.      A startup copy of the certificate must be submitted to the board and a copy to the power company before work is commenced and before an electrical installation may be energized.


b.     Within fifteen days of completion, use, or occupancy, whichever is first, the final paperwork shall be submitted to the office of the board, along with the proper fee. The wiring certificate must be completed with the location and a proper description of work completed.


          c.     A copy must be retained by the master, class B, or power limited electrician.


          d.    A copy must be left in or on the panel or given to the owner.


* Certificates with job cost of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) or less are valid twelve (12) months from the original filing date. A new wiring certificate must be filed on all unfinished work.

* A project with multiple address locations requires an electrical wiring certificate for each location.



E-Cert Information


E-Cert is an electronic version of a wiring certificate.  E-certs are available upon request and submission of an application from any master, class B, or power limited electrician holding a proper current license from the board. The master, class B, or power limited electrician is responsible for all certificates issued to and by that person.


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