Apprentice Registration Renewal:

  • Apprentice registrations expire each year on January 31.
  • Annual renewal fee is $10.00.
  • Expired registrations shall require a reinstatement fee equal to the annual fee.


  • Registration renewals will start on November 1st of each year.

Before proceeding to the next page to renew your registration, please have the following available:

→        Your North Dakota State Electrical Board registration number;
→        Last four (4) digits of your Social Security number;
→        A valid credit card (Master/Visa/Discover/American Express).

By accepting below, as a North Dakota electrical Apprentice and by renewing my registration, I understand that I:

  • certify that I am authorized to renew my registration with the North Dakota State Electrical Board;

  • certify that all information I provide is correct;

  • must work under the constant on-the-job supervision of a licensed electrician;

  • must maintain a current apprentice electrical registration by renewing by January 31st of each year; and

  • must maintain a current address with the State Electrical Board.

I ACCEPT (Click to Certify)