• You can start work as young as 16, learning skills and on-the-job training.
  • You will need a two-year degree in Electrical Technology or 576 hours of apprenticeship training while working to test for your license.
  • Great job security - lots of work available for electricians in North Dakota and across the U.S.  Electricity is everywhere!


  • Average pay for an apprentice electrician in ND: $22.50 an hour (data from October 2019)
  • Average pay for a journeyman electrician in ND: $36.55 an hour (data from October 2019)


  • You can work for a company or start your own business and eventually be your own boss. 


North Dakota Two-Year Degree and Apprenticeship Training Options:


NDSCS - https://www.ndscs.edu/academics/academic-departments-programs/electrical-technology#electrical-construction

NDSCS Apprenticeship - https://www.ndscs.edu/workforce-affairs/apprenticeshipnd

IEC Apprenticeship - https://www.iecdakotas.com/

JATC Apprenticeship - https://www.dakotasjatc.org/