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Apprenticeship Information & Registration:

“Apprentice electrician” means a person learning the trade under the personal supervision of a state-licensed electrician.

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There are two categories of apprentice electrician training.


a.   Apprentice electricians who have successfully completed the United States  department of labor training program recognized by the office of apprenticeship.


b.  Apprentice electricians who have successfully completed at least two years of electrical school approved by the state electrical board or five hundred seventy six hours of training classes recognized by the United States department of labor office of apprenticeship.  An unlicensed electrician who has prior experience outside of the state of North Dakota may take a placement examination equal to the verification of practical experience obtained in order to apply credit toward the verification of hours.  If the electrician fails the placement examination, the electrician is ineligible to retake the examination.  An appeal would need to be submitted in writing to the state electrical board.


c.   An apprentice electrician who has not successfully completed training as stated in subdivision a or b is required to be registered with the state electrical board, but is not eligible to take the journeyman or class B license examination.  If the person receives a license from another state based on the verification that the majority of practical experience was obtained in the state of North Dakota the person will not be eligible for examination for licensure or a reciprocal license.


Registration is required within 6 months of employment. Any person may work as an apprentice under a licensed master or class B electrician, but the master or class B electrician may not allow an apprentice to work on any installation without direct constant supervision by a North Dakota licensed electrician working with the apprentice at the worksite. Licensed electricians may supervise not more than three apprentices.


Apprentices Registered After January 31, 2008:


Completion guidelines to follow for working towards a Journeyman license:


→  1st Year  - 2,000 employment hours and 144 hours of related training.

→  2nd Year - 4,000 employment hours and 288 hours of related training.

→  3rd Year -  6,000 employment hours and 432 hours of related training.

→  4th Year -  8,000 employment hours and 576 hours of related training.


**  Credit of 2,000 hours may be granted if successful completion of a board-approved institution of higher education is approved.


More information can be found at http://www.workforce.nd.gov/programs/apprenticeship/.


Electrical contractors shall maintain records of all employees who are or will be performing electrical work for that electrical contractor and shall permit the electrical board to examine and copy all such records as required by this section.


When an apprentice electrician is found to be doing electrical work not under the direct supervision of a licensed electrician, an investigative fee may be charged to cover the costs incurred by the board.  Costs are to be calculated at a rate of fifty dollars per hour and mileage rates currently allowed by North Dakota Century Code section 54-06-09 per mile of travel.


Any master or class B electrician who fails or refuses to comply with this section or who fails or refuses to comply or demonstrate compliance with this section at the request of the board or its representative shall subject that person's license to non-renewal, suspension, or revocation by the board.